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Halloween: What To Remember This Year

Nothing’s scarier than having an unhealthy smile!
Nothing says fall quite like the turning leaves, crisp weather, and the smell of pumpkins. With the welcoming of fall also comes the festive celebration of Halloween; a night for kids to parade around in costumes indulging in a sack full of yummy treats. While we might love those snaggle-toothed pumpkins that line our porches and yards, we certainly don’t want our smiles to emulate these spooky decorations. Your Lagrange family dentist is here to offer up some helpful hints for keeping your child’s smile healthy while also still enjoying everything fun this haunting holiday has to offer.

The Lesser of Two Evils

All that delicious candy creates the perfect environment for decay to thrive, which can cause toothaches, cavities and plaque buildup. While it’s important to enjoy these treats in moderation, hard and sticky candies (like lollipops and caramels) often remain on teeth longer, which can be more harmful to you or your child’s smile. Plus, they can cause damage to braces and retainer. If you or your child wants to enjoy some Halloween treats this season, opt for softer candies like chocolate that can wash away a bit easier.

Trick or Alternative Treat!

If you’re giving out candy to the neighbor kids, here are some smile-friendly options:
  • Look for sugar-free treats when buying candy, as this can reduce decay-producing bacteria.
  • Opt for non-candy treats like small toys and stickers. Kids will still receive a fun treat that won’t be bad for their health.
  • Practice good oral hygiene
If your children are going to partake in the candy-eating ritual that is Halloween, make sure they brush and floss their teeth immediately after indulging. Make sure they are brushing for at least two minutes and really getting into those hard-to-reach spots with their toothbrush.
Follow these health-conscious tips and the only scary thing about Halloween will be the costumes. If it’s time to schedule your six-month cleaning or you suspect that you may have a cavity, then call us today to see your LaGrange family dentist.

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