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FAQs about Cosmetic Contouring

Find out more about this cosmetic procedure and what it could do to improve your smile.

It can be difficult to figure out what cosmetic procedures are right for you. Find out if it’s time to talk to your LaGrange, IL dentist Dr. James Cosmetic ContouringM. Maragos about dental contouring.

Q. Why might I want to consider dental contouring?

A. If you are unhappy with the shape and look of your smile and are looking to make subtle changes then your LaGrange dentist may recommend dental contouring, which could give you a more attractive smile quickly.

Q. What can cosmetic contouring do for my smile?

A. There are many issues that can be fixed through tooth contouring. If a tooth is longer than the rest, or if a tooth is jagged or too pointy this procedure can remove enamel to reshape the tooth. Many minor imperfections that affect the shape of the tooth can be altered with this procedure.

Q. What is the contouring procedure like?

A. After we examine your smile and not only determine that this procedure is right for you but that you also aren’t dealing with any cavities or infection (which will need to be treated first) we will use a polishing tool to remove small pieces of enamel from your teeth. By removing enamel from the tooth we can help to reshape the tooth or teeth to give you a more even smile.

Q. Is this cosmetic treatment painful?

A. This procedure is completely painless and non-invasive. The polishing tool we use is gentle and because we aren’t removing larger sections of enamel you won’t need anesthesia.

Q. Can this procedure change the surface texture of my teeth?

A. Yes, there are absolutely cases in which we can improve the texture of your teeth if the issue is minimal. If you have a pitted texture your LaGrange, IL cosmetic dentist may be able to smooth out the outer layers of the tooth. But those with more moderate to severe texture problems may need to consider other cosmetic treatments like veneers if cosmetic contouring can’t achieve the results you want.

Call our office today to schedule a consultation and let’s talk about cosmetic contouring. This could be the perfect treatment option for your smile. Let’s find out!

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