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The dangers of sugary treats

Eating Sugary Stuff Makes Me Happy; Is It Really So Bad for Me? The facts about eating sugar.

You like to eat sugary things; they taste good. The donuts, candy, wonderful desserts and sodas are just waiting for you to try them. But you should stop and think before you eat that tempting treat. Dr. James Maragos, your family dentist in LaGrange, Illinois can tell you; sugar does terrible things to your teeth and to your body!

When you eat sugar, it combines with your oral bacteria and forms a powerful acid, which can do damage to your tooth enamel. Your enamel is all that protects your teeth from dental decay, so guess what? You get a cavity, sometimes a big one!

  • Sugar has bad effects on your brain too. If you eat a lot of sugar, it can:
  • Change your brain to make you want more sugar
  • Impair learning and memory
  • Cause anxiety and depression

In addition to these problems, sugar causes weight gain, which has its own set of problems including increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Kicking the sugar habit is difficult, but not impossible. The first step is to be aware of how much sugar you are eating. Sugar comes in many forms including:

Fructose and corn syrup

  • Agave nectar
  • Lactose and maltose
  • Cane sugar and sucrose
  • While some of these might sound healthy, it is all SUGAR.
  • Let’s talk about your teeth again. While you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar you take in, you can protect your teeth against acids from sugar by trying these things:
  • Swishing your mouth out with water after eating sugar
  • Brushing your teeth after eating sugar

With sugary liquids, drink with a straw to keep the sugar off of your teeth

When you are eating sugar, just remember that the more frequently and the longer it takes you to eat it, the worse it is for you. When you are sipping on a sugary drink, eating hard candy, or lingering over a sweet dessert, you are bathing your teeth with acid!

If you are trying to kick the sugar habit, good for you! But don’t neglect a quick check up to make sure your teeth are in good shape. Call Dr. James Maragos, your family dentist in LaGrange, Illinois. He’s here to help you say goodbye to sugar. Call him today!

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