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The Versatility of Crowns

Dentists use porcelain crowns to support fragile teeth and change the appearance of teeth. Dr. James M. Maragos, D.D.S., your dental crownsLaGrange dentist, explains how this dental appliance can help improve your smile.

What are crowns?

Crowns, also called caps, fit snugly over your teeth. Crowns are typically made of durable porcelain, but may also be made of other durable materials, including porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, ceramic, or gold. The type of crown you receive will depend on your personal preferences and your insurance coverage.

Why do dentists recommend crowns?

Crowns are particularly versatile and can be used to treat a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Large fillings: Very large fillings can weaken teeth. A crown helps stabilize the tooth and prevents breakage.
  • Cracks and chips: If a tooth is cracked or chipped and you continue to bite and chew with it, the tooth can eventually break. Adding a crown prevents additional damage.
  • Broken tooth: If your tooth has already broken, a crown can restore the tooth and preserve its function.
  • Cosmetic issues: Crowns are often used if a tooth is a little smaller than other teeth or strangely shaped. They can also be used to cover a discolored tooth.

How are crowns attached to the teeth?

Before you receive your new crown, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and send it to a local dental lab. Technicians at the lab use this mold to ensure that your new custom-made crown fits your mouth perfectly. Filing down the enamel on your tooth slightly is an important step in the process and will help ensure that your crown will fit comfortably. At the end of your first appointment, you'll be given a temporary crown and a return appointment to receive your permanent crown.

During your next appointment, your dentist will check the color and fit of the crown and make adjustments as needed. When both of you are sure that the crown fits well, he'll apply it permanently with dental cement.

Think a crown is a good solution for your dental issue? Call Dr. James M. Maragos, D.D.S., your LaGrange dentist, at (708) 352-7358 and find out if a dental crown is the right option for you.

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