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What Your Family Dentist Can Do for You

Family dentistry is an important facet of overall dental health. From caring for everyday issues like cavities or teeth cleanings to helping family dentistryyou and your teeth during a dental emergency, your family dentist provides important care for the whole family. Learn more bout family dentistry and what your dentist can do for you with Dr. James Maragos at Dr. James M. Maragos, D.D.S., P.C. in LaGrange, IL.

What is family dentistry? 
Family dentistry specializes in treating patients of all ages. This allows your entire family to see the same dentist at the same office, whether grandma needs her dentures adjusted or the new baby needs to go in for their first dental examination. This provides several advantages, including allowing families with multiple children to schedule their appointments on the same day to save the trip. Seeing a family dentist also keeps every family member’s dental records in the same place, ensuring easy access if necessary. Family dentistry also gives the whole family a chance to grow with their dentist, building a valuable relationship that will last for years.

What can my family dentist do for me? 
Family dentists perform all of the major dental procedures, such as dental fillings, root canals, regular teeth cleanings and sealants to prevent cavities. However, Maragos Dentistry also offers cosmetic dentistry procedures like crowns and bridges, dental contouring, lumineers, teeth whitening and dental bonding. Dr. Maragos also offers orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and traditional braces to straighten the teeth and align the bite to benefit the mouth’s functions.

The Importance of Family Dentistry in LaGrange, IL 
Most people at average risk of teeth decay or gum disease should see their dentist for regular examinations and cleanings at least twice a year. These important appointments are necessary for both children and adults alike, making your family dentist essential to your oral health. Schedule the whole family’s examinations on the same day or split the kids between mom and dad for two days worth of appointments which work around the kids’ schedules. With the versatility of a family dentist, committing to regular dental examinations and cleanings is easy.

For more information on family dentistry, please contact Dr. Maragos at Dr. James M. Maragos, D.D.S., P.C. in LaGrange, IL. Call (708) 352-7358 to schedule your appointment today!

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