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Whiten Your Smile Easily

If you consume a large number of dark foods and beverages, smoke tobacco, or struggle with poor oral care habits, you may mild or severe tooth discoloration that prohibits you from showing off your smile. Whether you have an upcoming job interview or a wedding on the horizon in a few months, Dr. James M. Maragos, your dentist in LaGrange, IL, can help brighten your smile with the help of a few different cosmetic dentistry options—read on to learn more. 

What Are My Whitening Options?

If you have teeth that require a little revival, Dr. Maragos can whiten your smile easily with a few different options. Teeth whitening is the most popular because you can achieve a brighter smile in sixty minutes or less with a safe and effective bleaching solution. If you choose to whiten this way, your dentist can perform the procedure in-office or give you take-home trays to use at your convenience. For a more dramatic change that professional whitening might not be able to treat, you may benefit from veneers, dental bonding, or digital smile design. 

Benefits of a Bright Smile

Whiter teeth give your tooth's enamel a fresh start, but they also deliver additional advantages on top of boosts to your oral health. For instance, your smile is the first thing others notice when they meet you for the first time. To make a lasting impression, consider removing those deep-rooted stains caused by your morning coffee, afternoon lunch, or evening sips of wine. After all, a great smile will boost your confidence because you won't be self-conscious about showing off your pearly whites! If you're looking for more reasons to smile, visit our office in LaGrange, IL, today. 

Ready to Rejuvenate Your Look? Call Today

For a smile makeover, visit your dentist in LaGrange, IL. Results can be visible in just a few days or a couple of appointments depending on which whitening service you and your dentist decide is best for you. For more information about cosmetic dentistry and other services provided, visit our website or schedule an appointment by dialing (708) 352-7358.

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