Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Here’s how to determine the right cosmetic dentistry to suit your needs. 

Everyone’s smiles are unique, which also means providing cosmetic dentistry that is as unique as your smile. Our LaGrange, IL, dentist Dr. James Maragos will sit down with you to fully understand your goals for treatment to help you get the results you want. No matter whether you want to make small changes or more serious alterations, our dental team can help.

Pinpoint your smile concerns 

Whether you are dealing with yellowing teeth or a misaligned smile, it’s important to write down the issue or issues that you wish to treat with the help of cosmetic dentistry. We want you to be able to voice your smile concerns with Dr. Maragos so that we fully understand what you wish to achieve through cosmetic dentistry. This will also help us narrow down which treatment options are best for you.

Be dedicated to your treatment 

Some treatments can be performed in just one appointment, but sometimes you’ll need to come in for a final fitting or to place your new restoration. We want to make sure that you are dedicated to achieving your dream smile and that you’re going to come in when you need to. Even once you get your new restoration we want to make sure that you’re going to keep up with routine checkups and cleanings to ensure that your smile stays healthy even after treatment.

Write down your questions beforehand 

One of the best things you can do to have a successful and positive consultation experience is to ask us questions. Whether you want to know what kind of advanced cosmetic training our dentist has received or you have questions about certain procedures, we are happy to answer any and all questions. After all, you may already be doing a little independent online research to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. Remember, not all information out there is accurate, so write down any questions you have ahead of time so we can answer them when you come into our office.

If you are ready to feel confident with your smile and you want to turn to our cosmetic dentistry team here at LaGrange, IL, to do that then call our office today at (708) 352-7358 to schedule your consultation.

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