Why You Should Choose a Family Dentist

A family dentist can make all the difference if you are part of a multi-generational household, especially if children are part of it. Because beyond the practical reasons for having all your family cared for under one roof, you'll want to choose a doctor who has experience caring for your child's needs. If you want to find out directly from your LaGrange, IL, family dentist how they can meet your family's dental needs, then get in contact with the office of Dr. James Maragos.

Practical Considerations

Time is a commodity, and as we find out when it's time to fit something into our schedules--like dental checkups for example--there's not a lot of it to go around. As you've probably been told before, bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings are very important to you and your family's dental health. Having a family dentist keeps all these appointments in the same building, and, depending on some factors, may even be able to plan them for the same day.

All of your family's dental records will also be housed in one place, which means fewer things to have to organize on your own, and if you all do keep up with those dental checkups, besides saving you money in the long run, then your doctor can better anticipate complications and treat problems when they do arise.

Treating Your Entire Household

An important reason for having a family dentist is the type of care they can provide your children. They treat kids at every age group, and just about everything your child will go through as they grow up they've encountered in the past.

But your LaGrange, IL, dentist can also help treat the rest of your family. They can help with preventing and treating cavities, bridgework, teeth whitening, and even dentures. Not the full scope of the available treatments, only a sampling.

The case is, your entire family can benefit from having just one number to call to help with their dental needs. Make it your LaGrange, IL, dentist, Dr. Maragos. Call (708) 352-7358 to make an appointment.

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