Finding the Right Family Dentist For You

If you live in LaGrange, IL, pick the right dentist for your family’s needs by going to the office of Dr. James Maragos. He is a professional dentist that provides a range of services for you and your household.

What Is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a registered dental care provider that specializes in treating patients of all ages. During an exam, our office will check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, pediatric problems, and TMJ dysfunction.

This type of dentist is also experienced at maintaining oral hygiene with regular cleanings and educating patients about how to take better care of their teeth. You have the same benefits of going to a general dentist but will have a dental professional that cares for your whole family - regardless of age. So your growing toddler and older parents can go to the same office.

What To Look For In a Family Dentist?

Before you pick a family dentist, do some research and consultations so that it is the right fit. First, see if the dental office has the latest facilities, technology, tools, and equipment available to provide safe and effective treatment. Next, determine the dentist’s level of experience, board certification, and patient reviews.

Other important questions to ask are about the dentist's policies for emergencies outside of business hours, pain management regimen during procedures, dental recommendations for adults and children. You may also want to ask about hygiene tips to help patients at home, what technology is available in the office to monitor patients’ progress between visits, how long appointments last, and the dentist's availability for follow-up visits.

Since different members of the family will visit the same spot, make sure the dental office is in a convenient location for everyone.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

When you make an appointment for your first checkup with your local dentist in LaGrange, IL, we will check your family's oral health. There are some questions that we may ask, like what medications or supplements you take if you have tooth sensitivity, and whether you grind your teeth at night.

We may also look into your child’s teeth to make sure there are no signs of early childhood cavities. After your initial visit, we will put together a plan for oral hygiene care and recommended procedures for the family.

Visit your local dentist, Dr. Maragos, in LaGrange, IL, who can provide expert care for your whole family. Call us at (708) 352-7358 for an appointment today.

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