Why It's Important To See Your Dentist For Regular Cleanings

At-home dental care is very important to make sure you maintain a clean and healthy smile. But however diligent your dental hygiene is, regular cleanings with your LaGrange, IL, general dentist still play a key role in your dental health. Cleanings, along with regular checkups, can help you prevent future dental complications. Learn more about dental cleanings and checkups by reaching out to Dr. James Maragos.

Regular Cleanings

During an in-office dental appointment, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and plaque completely removed. Your teeth are then polished to prevent plaque from building up again too quickly. Daily brushing and flossing can remove most of it, but only during an in-office cleaning can the plaque that has been left behind and hardened be removed.

Plaque builds daily on your teeth and if it's allowed to build up uncontrolled, the bacteria that call it home can quickly reproduce and begin to cause harm to your teeth's enamel and gums. Damage can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Regular Checkups

Alongside a regularly scheduled dental cleaning, your dentist will also examine your smile. These checkups allow your LaGrange, IL, general dentist to spot and correct problems before they become major complications. An example is cavities, if caught in time they can be treated with a dental filling. Whereas an alternative many choose is to wait until they experience discomfort, at which point it may be too late for a dental filling and a root canal may be required.

It's not only cavities, your dentist can spot all manner of dental concerns. But just like with cavities these are often treated much more effectively and less invasively if dealt with early.

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are typically suggested every six months to both prevent the build-up of plaque and to better examine any possible problems.

So if you've been away from the office for some time and live in or near the LaGrange, IL, area you can schedule a visit with your general dentist, Dr. Maragos, by dialing (708) 352-7358.

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