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By Dr. James M. Maragos, DDS, PC
February 12, 2015
Category: Oral Health

According to NFL football legend Jerry Rice, “Football can be brutal—injuries, including those to the face and mouth, are a common risk for any player.” And if anyone should know, it would be Jerry.

During an interview with Dear Doctor magazine, the retired NFL pro discussed his good fortune to have had just a few minor dental injuries during his pro playing days. He credits this success to the trainers and protective equipment professional football teams have to keep the players off the injured list. However, this was not the case during his earlier years in football. “There wasn't a lot of focus on protecting your teeth in high school,” he said. “You had to buy your own mouthguard.” He continued, “Things changed, though, when I went to college.”

Unfortunately, not much has changed since Jerry's high school days for young athletes. This is why we feel it is so important that parents and caregivers understand the risks and take proactive steps towards protecting the teeth, gums, bone and soft tissues of their children with a mouthguard. This is especially true for anyone — adults included — participating in high-contact sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey (field and ice), football, soccer, wrestling, martial arts, boxing and activities such as skateboarding, in-line skating and skydiving.

But all mouthguards are not the same. The best mouthguard, based upon evidence-based research, is one that is custom-designed and made by a dental professional, with the athlete's individual needs taken into account.

We make our custom mouthguards from precise and exact molds of your teeth, and we use resilient and tear-resistant materials. Once completed, it should be comfortable yet fit snugly so that you are able to talk and breathe easily with it in place. It should also be odorless, tasteless, not bulky and have excellent retention, fit and sufficient thickness in critical areas.

And while mouthguards may seem indestructible, they do require proper care. You should clean it before and after each use with a toothbrush and toothpaste, transport and store the mouthguard in a sturdy container that has vents, make sure not to leave it in the sun or in hot water and rinse it with cold, soapy water or mouthwash after each use. And last but not least, you should periodically check it for wear and tear so that you will know when replacement is needed.

To learn more about mouthguards, continue reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Athletic Mouthguards.” Or you can contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can conduct a thorough examination and make molds of your teeth for your custom mouthguard. And if you want to read the entire feature article on Jerry Rice continue reading “Jerry Rice — An Unbelievable Rise To NFL Stardom.”

By Dr. James M. Maragos, DDS, PC
February 09, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Brushing  

When it comes to keeping your kids' teeth clean, it doesn't have to be like pulling teeth-- though it can certainly end that way if their teeth begin to decay at an unstoppable rate. But how can you teach them the importance of brushing (and flossing!) their teeth daily in a fun, exciting way that gets them as hooked to the dental routine as they should be?

At Dr. James M. Maragos, D.D.S., you'll find the tools you need to incorporate into your child's everyday dental routine, as the family dentists on site make it their goal to steer your child or children in the way of proper dental health! Dr. Maragos has years of Toothbrushknowledge and experience and loves to educate about the proper way to take care of your mouth.

Take a look below at some helpful suggestions for building up your kids' understanding about achieving healthier teeth, better breath, fewer cavities, and a lower risk for needing painful reconstructive dental procedures later:

  • Using fluoride toothpaste is most effective.
  • A pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for kids between three and six years of age is the perfect amount (but a bit more is necessary after that)
  • Spitting out the toothpaste once tooth-brushing is finished is important, as swallowing it can lead to irritable or sore throats from the bacteria that was collected from their mouths.
  • Teach them to move the brush gently from one side of their teeth to the next using small circular motions.
  • Show them the importance of brushing their tongue, too, as it helps their breath remain fresh during the school day.

For more information on how you can get your kids motivated to brush their teeth, check out for fun, dental-approved activities or give one of the dental experts at Dr. Maragos' office a call today at (708) 352-7358 and see why dental perfection can start early right here in LaGrange, IL!

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