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By Dr. James M. Maragos, DDS, PC
April 18, 2014
Category: Oral Health
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Maybe you are reading this because you lost a tooth, or you have a family member who needs a tooth replacement. Whatever the reason, you still want to know which tooth replacement options match you or a loved one’s dental profile. Down below we have listed a number of popular and effective restorative treatments that our LaGrange family dentist office offers.
Top Three Restorative Options 
People’s dental makeup varies and so do their preferences. To accommodate for patients’ dental needs and profile, dentists have three common restorative options: implant-retained crown, fixed bridge or removable partial/full dentures.
  • Implant-retained crown – this is also called a single-tooth implant, and it’s placed into the jawbone, while attaching an abutment and synthetic crown.
  • Fixed bridge – a bridge can replace one or more missing teeth, and it uses neighboring teeth to anchor onto.
  • Removable partial/full dentures – typically a clasp attaches to the natural teeth, anchoring the framework in the mouth. Partial/full dentures replace multiple missing teeth or all of them.
Dental Implants: Perfect Match and Fit for Tooth Loss
While a crown and bridge work well to restore a smile, a bridge also involves a dentist filing down neighboring teeth to be used as anchors. And dentures are removable.
In regards to dental implants, the main anchor is the screw-like implant, which is inserted into the jawbone. It’s permanently placed and won’t move. In LaGrange, dental implants are available at Dr. Maragos’ family dentistry as well as crowns and bridgework.
Do you want to know more about crowns or dental implants in LaGrange?
By Dr. James M. Maragos, DDS, PC
April 09, 2014
Category: Oral Health
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You can’t just throw a bunch of random ingredients in a bowl and hope it turns out well. There needs to be a lot of preparation—and—a secret ingredient that brings it all together. That’s how it is at Dr. Maragos’ LaGrange family dentist office. Instead of just one secret ingredient, Dr. Maragos has three to make it a top-notch dental experience.
Wide Range of Dental Services
Chipped tooth? We got you covered. Cosmetic imperfections? We have a number of cosmetic dental services to solve your problem. Dealing with tooth loss? We also help with that! At Dr. Maragos family dentistry in LaGrange, there are cosmetic, restorative, general and family services to help treat and combat dental issues. Some leading services include professional cleaning and exam, relaxation dentistry, Invisalign, veneers, whitening and dental implants.
After-Hours Emergency Care
Dental emergencies aren’t planned—that’s why they are called “emergencies.” And of course, they usually occur when the dentist office is closed for the day. If you broke, cracked or lost a tooth because of trauma, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible—it’s time sensitive because you want to save your tooth. If you have a dental infection, you are most likely experiencing a toothache or worse. If you live in LaGrange, see Dr. Maragos for his after-hours emergency care.
Experienced and Dedicated Staff
Dr. Maragos, his dental hygienist and assistants and business assistant have years of experience in the dental field. From minor to major, many dental cases have been seen and treated over the years.
What is the super, secret ingredient? Well, it’s not really a secret—Dr. Maragos and staff work as a team. They effectively communicate, trust each other’s skills and share one mission—provide quality dental care to the LaGrange community.
To schedule an appointment with your family dentist in LaGrange, Dr. Maragos, call (708) 352-7385. Feel free to post a comment in the section below or on Facebook! What do you think makes a great dentist?

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