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Are you dealing with old dental work that needs to be refreshed? Have years of teeth grinding worn down your teeth or are you faced with discolorations that even professional whitening can’t treat? There are a lot of smile issues that we deal with as we get older. Of course, we know that there are many people who could benefit from cosmetic and restorative dentistry but don’t turn to it because they don’t know what to expect from the results.

Digital Smile Design Expert

Our very own Dr. James Maragos understands all too well the mental back-and-forth that patients’ experience when deciding whether or not to alter their smiles. After all, they want to have a beautiful smile but they also worry how their smiles will turn out in the end. 

To combat this, Dr. Maragos received extensive and expert training at the Spear Institute to be able to provide his patients with digital smile design. Now you don’t have to just imagine what your teeth will look like after replacement restorations or a smile makeover. Now we can show you.

We know 2-D images aren’t enough to give our patients the assurance and understanding they need to be able to see what their new smiles will look like. By using digital smile design we can create a 3-D version that shows a mockup of you with your new smile. This provides you with the emotional connection you need to be able to say “Yes! That’s the smile I want” and know that those are the results you will get.

No matter whether you want to fix discolored, misshapen or worn down teeth from teeth grinding, tetracycline usage or injury, digital smile design can provide you with the virtual images you need to be able to see what you will look like before ever undergoing any dental procedure. Even patients who have worn, old or metal dental restorations can benefit from this smile makeover. After all, with the amazing advancements in dental technology, we can now provide our patients with restorations that don’t contain any metal and actually look just like real teeth.

Through these 3-D mockups of your smile, you also have the ability to sit down and discuss other changes you want to make or concerns you may have while also being able to see what your smile will look like in order to have a realistic frame of reference. Dr. Maragos believes that every patient should take an active interest in their own dental care and by providing our patients with these digital images we can help them ask pertinent questions and address issues early on in the planning stages so that they are truly happy and satisfied with their brand new and beautiful smiles.

If you are interested in Digital Smile Design and how it can improve your smile,
call Dr. James Maragos in La Grange, IL at (708) 352-7358 to learn more!

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